What is the purpose of the program ? ?

Our main goal is to help young students to develop emotional intelligence, to discover and put to use their inner talents and creativity.

Who the program is for ? ?

It is suitable for:

  • Elementary, Middle and High school as an elective class or after-school program
  • Youth development Centers
  • Community Colleges
  • Learning Centers
What if our school already has a filmmaking program??

That’s alright! Your First Film program has 2 independent modules:

  • EQModule  — social-emotional development program
  • FilmModule — filmmaking techniques program

So you still can benefit from the EQmodule – the first module of our program that focuses on EQ and creativity development. Our EQmodule will seamlessly integrate with and complement you current filmmaking program giving the students a truly unique experience and skills set.

Who are the instructors ??

Our instructors are professional filmmakers and professors from the movie industry.

What students will learn ??

Firstly, young students will learn creativity and emotional intelligence: how to identify and manage their own emotions, how to understand emotions of others, how to be committed and motivated.

Secondly, the students will learn the basics of filmmaking. They will study disciplines such as acting for tv and film, directing, cinematography, special effects make up and dancing. Our main idea of teaching is to have less theory and more activities and hands-on practice.  Students will experience the whole filmmaking process from the idea through the final film project.

What is the final result of the program ??

All students will create their own movies which we will screen for parents and students.

Why our program takes up to 2 years ??

We find a perfect balance between acquiring knowledge, having fun, going through entire filmmaking process and completing the final film project. In the first module we focus on learning the basics and then we focus on hands-on exercises and creation of own film.

What does the class schedule look like ? ?

The classes usually run for 1.5 hours twice a week and may start during or after regular schools hours.

What is the student`s age ??

Our students range from 7 to 18 years old.